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The best games of all time

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1. Super Mario 64

Yeah, you already know this list is going to be controversial.

The movement in sm64 is unrivaled by any other game. Newer mario games' (like super mario odyssey) movement is so sluggish and slow in comparison. Just moving from point A to B feels so good in sm64. And all the levels are designed to challenge your movement abilities! And on top of that, there's no annoying overarching story. Because good games don't need story!

2. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

That's right, I don't just hate modern things for no reason! I do think there are good modern games, like this game.

The way each upgrade in this game interacts with eachother is really fun. Just having a sword and a jetpack enables countless different strategies. You might just fly around with your jetpack and tear through bots with your sword, or maybe you ready your sword and then jump forward at your enemy using the jetpack and strike them so they can't react in time. All the different challenges are genius too. My favorite being the raptor challenge, where I just flew around with a jetpack smashing raptors with hammers. This game is really fun

3. Fallout: New Vegas

Games usually don't need story, here's the exception

New Vegas' lore is really deep. But the people that made this game doesn't force you to interact with any of it! I mean, you probably should. I find the lore really interesting :P

... But the best part about New Vegas is it's atmosphere. This doesn't apply if you use VATS, btw (VATS really ruin all tension in this game, I don't know why it exists). Picking away in opressing environments, actively looking out for enemies, really makes you FEEL like spiderman :P. And none of this is even mentioning the character building. When you make your character, you get to customize his appearance or whatever, but most importantly, you get to customize his stats. You have seven "SPECIAL" attributes, which really define what type of character you'll be playing (since you can't change them later on). You also have tag skills (skills that will get an initial boost). And perks. Perks are conditional traits, like being able to sex certain NPC of the oposite gender in dialogue to get a discount or something. Or just giving you an attack bonus when unarmed.

Also, this game makes killing random enemies satisfying. Because of the cinematic cameras, and small amounts of experience they give you

4. Minetest (with friends)

Singleplayer minetest is boring. But with friends, things get fun

I usually play the MineClone 2 game. And teaming up with friends and fighting other friends is really fun in this game. Building skybridges and secret bases is not just a waste of time anymore (which it is in singleplayer). The one problem I have with this game though is it's lack of gameplay mechanics. Building is kind of entertaining, for a while. Combat is also fun, for a while. There's no advanced machinery (I mean there's technic, but as far as I know, it doesn't work with MineClone 2).

Written: Sat, 2022 Apr 23, Last modified: Sun, 2022 May 01


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